Oneness Award

One World Music Radio would like to present to you the One World Music Radio Oneness Award.

The results can be found below.

Here are the results for 2021:

1st Place – The Song Gardeners for their track Love Is The Magic Of Change

2nd Place – Kluane Takhini for his track We’re In This Together

3rd Place – Julia Thomsen for her track New Beginnings

Here are the results for 2020:

1st Place - Ronald van Deurzen for his track Hopeful Bliss

2nd Place - Mary Gospe for her single We Are One

3rd Place - Annie Locke for her single Anthem For a Better World

The Oneness Special Legacy Award - given to those whom we feel should be honoured for their contribution to humanity

The Oneness special Legacy Award goes to:

2021 - Ken Noland, as recognition for his generosity and kindness of thought and the time he has given to help others through his music.

2020 - Eagle Child, as recognition for his music and the indigenous teachings he presented - oneness (all beings are related), balance, harmony, respect, and harmlessness.