Oneness Award

One World Music Radio would like to present to you the One World Music Radio first ever Oneness Award.

The Oneness Award is open to any of the genres we cover, for a single piece of music that best represents the hope for global harmony, peace and a oneness of heart, regardless of colour, creed, age, religion, gender of sexuality.

The winner will recieve a place in our hall of honour, a certificate and 6 months free advertising on our home page.

2nd place winner will recieve a certificate and 3 months free advertising on our chart pages

3rd place winner will recieve a certificate and 1 months free advertising on one of our show pages

The judging panel will consist of OWMR presenters, who have not submitted a track for inclusion in the award.

Here are the results for 2020:

1st Place - Ronald van Deurzen for his track Hopeful Bliss

2nd Place - Mary Gospe for her single We Are One

3rd Place - Annie Locke for her single Anthem For a Better World

The other finalists were:

Chris Gurniak with Home

Lisa Swerdlow with Listening From The Heart

Louis Colaiannia with Believe in Peace

Mark Barnes with A Beautiful Soul

Natalie Jean with Mother Earth

Täyu (Mark Barnwell & Myriad) with Shores of Atlantis

Wayne Bethanis with Song for a New World

The Oneness special Legacy Award goes to:

Eagle Child, as recognition for his music and the indigenous teachings he presented - oneness (all beings are related), balance, harmony, respect, and harmlessness.