Oneness Award

One World Music Radio would like to present to you the One World Music Radio Oneness Award.

Oneness Award 2021 - Submissions are now closed!

The Oneness Award is open to any of the genres we cover, for a single piece of music that best represents the hope for global harmony, peace and a oneness of heart, regardless of colour, creed, age, religion, gender of sexuality.

Here are this years finalists along with a bit of information about each track:

Mark Barnes - A Beautiful Soul

Originally written for a long-time friend who was a pioneer in the LGBTQ community and a consummate female impersonator and performer. This person Miss Kelly Randell could have the audience in stiches in less than a minute and always knew how to unite both side of her audience.

Over the past year, this song has taken on a whole new dimension, representing much more than one individual. In the face of the Covid Pandemic, we have seen a rise of so many "Small Town Heroes" from our Healthcare Workers, First Responders, Drivers and Delivery Personnel, Grocers, Teachers, Front-Line staff and Moms & Dads. These people of all ages stood up to help the world during this trying time and displayed their heart, caring, resolve and dedication to getting the job done, regardless of who you were, and thus showed what a Beautiful Soul most possessed. Without them, much of the success we have seen would not have been possible.

This song is dedicated to them."

Natalie Jean - I Am

Natalie says that this deserves a win because it talks about being fearless in the face of hate and many of us have faced that issue. I also believe the song can help others gain some understanding.

The Song Gardeners - Love is the Magic of Change

The magic of love can change the world into a kinder, more peaceful place. “Love is the Magic of Change” is an ode to inspiring humanity to make the best of the short time we are given here on Earth. In this optimistic, hope-filled song, we are reminded that we are all the same, whoever we are and wherever we live; and positive change happens when it comes from a place of love and acceptance. The message of global unity resonates in the chorus, “We are one with the universe, sparks of life, connecting the people and places in our lives. We are here for a moment in space and time, inspiring each other to better humankind.” Love is truly the magic ingredient in every type of positive change.

Julia Thomsen - New Beginnings representing love, hope, peace, and harmony.

Christmas is usually a peaceful time for family and as this was not possible for everyone around the world, I wanted to create an optimistic calming and uplifting orchestral piece to bring people love and hope for the coming year and I do believe things are definitely improving, as artists through our music we are pushing for love peace and positive change.

New Beginnings was composed during the lockdown and I wanted to help others at a difficult time of year and fundraised for Shelter to help the homeless.

Wayne Bethanis – These Years

"I strongly believe in the ancient practice of Alchemy; the belief that treasure can be derived from any situation. My song THESE YEARS is a 3-minute powerful meditation designed to lift your spirit, lighten your burden and reverse any negative vibrations that effect you in these challenging, swiftly changing times. The often confusing, unanswerable complexities of these years can be alchemized by the simplest of truths, that love and beauty are the underlying fabric of everything if we look with deep trust and faith in our eternal spirit. Usually the answers are simple, like the melody I wrote here, and THESE YEARS will prove to be the best years if we remember that everything moves forward for ultimate good, no matter how things look on the surface. We will always remember THESE YEARS.

Natalie Jean - This House

Natalie says that this deserves to win because it shows that all should be welcomed. We should all have love, compassion, and understanding.

Natalie Jean -We Rise

Natalie says that this deserves a win because it shows the progress that women have made. It shows that we will continue to fight for our rights because we are deserving.

Kluane Takhini - We’re In This Together

Song Concept:

Music and Dance - the universal language spoken by all races, nationalities, ages, and genders!

This song poses the question – what would happen if musicians from around the globe all played the same song of peace together? People of the world coming/working together.

Join in as we hear from Asia, Mid East, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America.

“This is one of those special musical creations that comes around every so often in the world, that manifests a feeling of not only a sense of oneness, but perhaps even a deeper thought of what we could all achieve if we put our minds to it."

What you will win

The winner will receive a place in our hall of honour, a certificate and 6 months free advertising on our home page

2nd place winner will receive a certificate and 3 months free advertising on our chart pages

3rd place winner will receive a certificate and 1 months free advertising on one of our show pages

The judging panel will consist of OWMR presenters, who have not submitted a track for inclusion in the award.

Here are the results for 2020:

1st Place - Ronald van Deurzen for his track Hopeful Bliss

2nd Place - Mary Gospe for her single We Are One

3rd Place - Annie Locke for her single Anthem For a Better World

The Oneness Special Legacy Award - given to those whom we feel should be honoured for their contribution to humanity

The Oneness special Legacy Award goes to:

Eagle Child, as recognition for his music and the indigenous teachings he presented - oneness (all beings are related), balance, harmony, respect, and harmlessness.