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Obscured by the Light 

special editions with Michael Hodges.

Obscured by the light specials will showcase some of my favourite musical artists, highlighting the diversity of their music with four songs along with their musical influences. The show will be conceived by me, Michael HODGES with the help and vocal input of the featured artist.

Although I have a rather eclectic musical taste from Progressive Rock to British Folk Music, from Nuevo Flamenco to Ambient Techno, from Symphonic Metal to World Jazz Music, the OBTL specials will mainly feature independent electronic and lesser known artists  

MyklH pub for OWMR site Michael Hodges

The show is hosted by me, Michael HODGES, a music loving plant biologist from Luton (UK) but living in France (Les Ulis, close to Paris) for over 32 years now.

I make psychedelic ambient music under the name of MyklH using an iPad, a PC running Ableton Live and a large collection of soft synths, and an Arturia Matrix Brute. You can check out, download and even buy my music at http://myklh.bandcamp.com