2019 Awards

Welcome to the 2019 One World Music Radio awards, our 7th annual awards.

All categories except for the People’s Choice Award were voted on by a secret panel of judges, the People's Choice Award was voted on by you the listeners.

Below you will find the complete list of categories - winners will be announced June 7th and will then be shown here.

Best Acoustic Album

Todd Mosby - Open Waters - 1st Place Winner

Robert Linton - Adrift In Wonder - 2nd Place

Incendio - Summoning The Muse - 3rd Place

Ciro Hurtado - Altiplano

David William Ross - Amor Fati

Don Latarski - Frozen Moments

Geoff Hall - While It Lasts

JC Rodriguez - The Collective Unconscious

Michelle Qureshi - Sage

Shambhu - Lilac Skies

Album Of The Year

Grayhawk - Voice of the Ancestors - 1st Place Winner

Lynn Tredeau - All the Pieces - 2nd Place

Holland Phillips - A Presence of Three Minds - 3rd Place

Todd Mosby - Open Waters - 3rd Place

Andy Rogers - The White Piano

Carl Borden - Morning Embrace

David Wahler - Two Hearts

Incendio - Summoning The Muse

Mark Barnes - The Path

Sangeeta Kaur - Compassion

Best Ambient Album

Dan Palladino - Pastoral Memory - 1st Place Winner

Carl Borden - Morning Embrace - 2nd Place

Rudy Adrian - 3rd Place

Alan Hanslik - Precious Memory

David Helpling - Rune

Jarguna - Prospettive Animiche

Jon Durant - Alternate Landscapes

Jim Ottaway - Beautiful Desolation

Michael Crain & Jason Carey - Tiamatu: Twilight of the Arctic

Robert Otto - Stellar Cartographer

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

Holland Phillips - A Presence of Three Minds - 1st Place Winner

Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy - Autumn Monsoon - 2nd Place

Timothy Wenzel - Running Away - 3rd Place

Cole & Coffman - Frigid Spark, Drifting Light

David Jennings Midwest Mozart Festival String Quartet - Peace Be

Harrison Edwards - Into The Unknown

Jill Haley - The Winds Of Badlands

Mark Barnes - The Path

Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer - Deeper Imaginings

Perpetual Motion - Dance of Two Souls

Best Album Cover Art

The Ferrymen - A New Evil - 1st Place Winner

Forest Field - Seasons - 2nd Place

Timothy Wenzel - Running Away - 3rd Place

Corciolli - Imaginary Brazil

Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen - Toward the Horizon

Forrest Fang - Ancient Machines

Kamarius - Ecstatic Realms

Mark Barnes - The Path

Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy - Autumn Monsoon

Sverre Knut Johansen - Precambrian

Best Electronic Album

Andrew Kinsella - Cosmic Dawn II: Star Child - 1st Place Winner

Claus Jahn & Pat Pik - Some Oxygen Needed - 2nd Place

Michael Regina - Stagazer - 3rd Place

Ade Crouch - Trilogy

Ashaneen - The Universe

Fritz Mayr - Mojave

Jos d'Almeida - Aspheres

Kamarius - Enigmatic Traveler

Renascence - Fables

Richard Anthony Bean - Elements

Best Flute Album

Scott August - Beyond Summer - 1st Place Winner

Bearheart Kokopelli - Vision Quest - 2nd Place

Douglas Blue Feather - Ascension - 3rd Place

Chris Gurniak - Home

Ken McGarity - Breath of Life

Peter Phippen, Ivar Lunde Jr & Tiit Raid - Seven

Rogrigo Rodriguez - Music for Yoga and Reiki

Steven Newton - Standing Circles

Thomas Green - Flutin' Around

Timothy J.P. Gomez - The Silence Between

Best Jazz Album

The Soul Jazz Rebels - The Soul Jazz Rebels - 1st Place Winners

Mike Ian - Big Bang Volume 3 - 2nd Place

Angela Verbrugge - The Night We Couldn't Say Goodnight - 3rd Place

Allison Au Quartet - Wander Wonder

David Cruz - David Cruz

Diane Roblin - Life Force

Jacques Kuba Séguin - Migrations

Jenna Marie Pinard and Jay Yoo - Here, Now

Karin Plato - This Could Be The One

Stephanie Urquhart Quartet - Concealment

Best Track of the Year

Photos Without a Memory from the Lynn Tredeau album All the Pieces - 1st Place Winner

Monte Carlo from the Incendio album Summing the Muse - 2nd Place

Dawn at the Coast from the Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer album A Journey For Mankind - 3rd Place

Ascending from the Andrew Kinsella album Cosmic Dawn II: Starchild

Peace Prayer from the Grayhawk album Voice of the Ancestors

In The Queen's Court from the Holland Phillips album A Prescence Of Three Minds

Blackberry Sky from the Holly Jones album Art on the Piano

Grand Central from the Mark Barnes album The Path

Still Waters from the Mike Ian album Big Bang Volume 3

Spirit of the Canyon from the Scott August album Beyond Summer

Best Neo Classical Album

Javier Arnanz - Barbacana, La Huella del Lobo - 1st Place Winner

Sharon Fendrich - Red Sky Prairie - 2nd Place

Piers Adams & Larry Lush - Bach Side of the Moon - 3rd Place

Anaya -Isalc"Li: A Love Odyssey

Corciolli - Imaginary Brazil

Craig Karolus - Many Blessings

Fiona Joy Hawkinds & Rebecca Daniel - Lightness Of Dark

Kamarius - Ecstatic Realms

Louis Anthony Delise - Natural Light

Simon Daum - Epic Music

Best New Age Album

Grayhawk - Voice Of The Ancestors - 1st Place Winner

Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer - A Journey for Mankind - 2nd Place

Wychazel - Beltane Moon 2 - 3rd Place

Andy Rogers - Reflections

Brooks & Day - Mystic Messages

Chris Conway - An Island Of Peace

Crystalline Dream - Seventh Chakra

David Wahler - Two Hearts

Nipazen - Parallel Universe

Phil Thornton - Coastal Moods

People's Choice Award

Andy Rogers - 3rd Place

Cathy Oakes - 2nd Place

Chris Gurniak - 1st Place Winner

Fiona Joy Hawkins

Michelle Qureshi

Richard Ross

Scott Lawlor

Sharon Fendrich

Sherry Finzer

Wayne Bethanis

Best Piano w Instrumentation Album

Stuart Jones - Rippling Waters - 1st Place Winner

Kathryn Kaye - Solace Of Mountains And Clouds - 2nd Place

Stephen Rhodes - Spiritual Incantations - 3rd Place

Ann Sweeten - Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow

Cathy Oakes - Healing Hands

Elderane - Primeros Pasos (First Steps)

Gabriele Saro - Sensations

Gina Leneé - Revealed

Masako - Underwater Whisperer

Mike Woodlark - Mackland Ave

Best Rock Album

The Ferrymen - A New Evil - 1st Place Winners

Nick Magnus - Catharsis - 2nd Place

Crashdiet - Rust - 3rd Place

DeVicious - Reflections

Forest Field - Seasons

Hardline - Life

Jim Peterik and World Stage - Winds of Change

Leverage - DeterminUs

Praying Mantis - Keep It Alive

Volte - Volte

Best Single of the Year

Richard Dillon - Right Now - 1st Place Winner

Wayne Bethanis - Tribes of the City - 2nd Place

Cadence Spalding - My Heart Forever - 3rd Place

Annie Locke - A Tale of Love and Mystery

Graeme Drum & Tri Nguyen - Walking

Joey Curtin - Mulberry Jam ft Joseph L Young

John Fluker - All About That Time

Kerani - City Skylines

Michelle Qureshi - Asleep with Windows Open

Paul Vens - Moonlight over the Garden

Best Solo Piano

Holly Jones - Art On The Piano - 1st Place Winner

Lynn Tredeau - All The Pieces - 2nd Place

Pam Asberry - The Presence Of Wonder - 3rd Place

Christi Stills - Lavender Fog

Christopher Boscole - Dawn of Love

Dan Chadburn - Love Themes For Solo Piano

Faith Angelina - Notes From Zion

Michael Whalen - Cupid Blindfolded

Michele Mclaughlin - Memoirs

Shoshana Michel - Reflection

Best Vocal Album

Sangeeta Kaur - Compassion - 1st Place Winner

Elisete - Inspired By The Sun - 2nd Place

Mary Gospe - Time to Soar - 3rd Place

Camila Meza - Ámbar

Juliet Lyons - The Light Within

Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe - There Is A Light That Will Remain

Osmunda Music - Love Will Overcome

Paul Luftenegger - Seeds of Peace

Radharani - Time to Wake Up

Sonoride - 101

Best World Music Album

AKA Trio - Joy - 1st Place Winners

Graeme Drum - Eclectic X - 2nd Place

Ciro Hurtado - Altiplano - 3rd Place

Hanggai - Big Band Brass

Invisible System - Dance to the Full Moon

Olcay Bayir - Ruya - Dream for Anatolia

Otava Yo - Do you Love

Romano Drom - Give Me Wine

Tri Nguyen - The Art of the Vietnamese Zither

Vitto Meirelles - Da Hora